Deputy Store Manager

Job Role • Recruit and develop professional people, provide excellent visual presentation and customer service, manage

inventory, administration, ensure security compliance and control operating costs (according to budget).

• Create an atmosphere that is free from discrimination and harassment.

• Motivate employees to achieve company goals and surpass their personal sales goals.

• Recruits qualified people and communicates all pertinent information to Payroll department.

• Trains the personnel through development programs in order to answer the immediate and future needs of the


• Evaluates personnel once a year and conducts six yearly appraisals with personnel.

• Establishes weekly sales objectives for store and personnel.

• Communicates stock replenishment needs to District Manager, Distribution and Buying departments.

• Ensures that all merchandise is properly ticketed and attractively displayed and appoints people responsible for

each section of the store.

• Is responsible for adherence to all loss prevention and security policies, as well as all credit policies and

procedures, i.e. credit cards, check approvals, employee purchases, deposits, discounts, returns and exchanges.

• Manages administrative systems and procedures efficiently and in accordance with company policies.

• Utilises the systems and procedures for inventory control.

• Ensures store operates within its predetermined budget (i.e. salary, inventory, expenses, etc.).

• Ensures stockroom is neat and well organised, Hold It merchandise is always up to date, recalls are properly

executed and controls damages and mixes according to company policies.

• Ensure that all personnel practices professional salesmanship within the guidelines of company policy and

procedures, in order to achieve maximum sales and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

• Promotes total customer service in a friendly way and as the most important consideration in every transaction.

The ALDO Group reserves the right to change, alter, or amend the job duties of

employees at its sole discretion with or without notice.


How to apply/Closing Date Please email [email protected] if you are interested in the position.